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Contractors Plant and machinery

Cover your heavy machinery against a huge loss

Contractors Plant and machinery insurance covers plant and machinery against unforeseen loss or damage to the contractor’s items including machinery and equipment engaged in the repair or replacement or maintenance of the project. Such claims may arise from the causes such as fire, collision, damage, flood, earthquake, and transit between the sites.

The execution of all such projects requires the use of various types of plant and machinery such as cranes, compressors, vibrators, hydraulic excavators, road rollers apart from many other tools and machinery. At the construction site, accidents become obvious and therefore, securing yourself against unforeseen damages can be a great help, just in case.

Omega’s team specializes in advising the ideal policy to you as a contractor and help you get compensation in the event of the loss incurred.

Contractors all risk Insurance

Why take chances when you can secure your business?

Contractors all risk insurance undertakes the cover against any loss or damage primarily to the construction project including property, third party, and the sub-contractors.

The cover secures the insurer against human injury, damages to the work being incorporated including temporary works fire, theft, free use of material and machinery on the site, damage to surrounding properties and hired machinery and tools.

Such insurance coverage is suitable for construction projects such as buildings, sewage treatment plants, water tanks, flyovers, airports, tunnels, and huge towers.

As a contractor, you would be pleased to meet our consultants and sign up for an appropriate insurance policy.

Erection all risk

Don’t regret later; secure before you begin installation

Erection all risk insurance offers protection cover during the construction period against loss or damage risks involved in the execution and erection of machinery, plant, structures of any kind, third party, accidental bodily injury arising out of the implementation of the project or delay in the project, damage to property in the surrounding areas.  

Erection all risk insurance is a comprehensive coverage for your construction projects under a single insurance policy. The policy may consist of a single project or a continuous annual construction plans of your company.

The best way to move forward is to contact our consultant and allow us to understand your annual plans so that we can advise a suitable policy cover.