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Business Interruption Insurance

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Business Interruption Insurance helps protect businesses from financial losses resulting from disruptions to their normal operations. These disruptions could be caused by various factors, such as natural disasters, fires, or other incidents that lead to a temporary shutdown or impairment of business activities.

In the UAE, business interruption insurance coverage primarily covers property damage caused by incidents such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. They may also cover losses caused by intentional acts such as theft, vandalism, or unintentional damage.

Financial Safety

Safeguard your business against unexpected financial losses due to disruptions caused by natural or intentional incidents, ensuring continuity even in crises.

In-Depth Policy Guidance

Navigate through the nuances of your policy with ease, as Omega Insurance Brokers ensures you comprehend every term and condition, helping you avoid any pitfalls related to exclusions or limitations.

Main features

Coverage Scope

Income Loss: Business interruption insurance pays for any income a company may lose while its operations are interrupted or impaired. Operating Expenses: Even in the business is not fully active, it may also cover continuing operating costs including rent, utilities, and personnel compensation.
Operating Expenses: Even in the business is not fully active, it may also cover continuing operating costs including rent, utilities, and personnel compensation.

Triggering Events

Physical Damage : Damage from a fire or other natural disaster, frequently results in physical damage to the covered property, which activates business interruption insurance. The temporary shutdown or interruption of business operations must result from this damage.

Contingent Business Interruption : Certain policies might also include coverage for interruptions caused by damage to the property of suppliers, customers, or other third parties that the business depends on.

Indemnity Period

Business interruption insurance specifies an indemnity term that specifies the length of time the coverage is applicable. It starts at the moment of the triggering event and lasts until the company's activities return to what they were before the loss.
Extra Expense Coverage i.e. Increased cost of Work
In addition to income loss, policies may cover additional expenses incurred by the business to mitigate the impact of the disruption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Given the potential for various disruptions like fires, floods, and theft in the UAE, this insurance helps businesses cover losses and ongoing expenses, ensuring financial stability and continuity even during unforeseen interruptions.

Yes, Omega Insurance Brokers recognizes the uniqueness of each business and offers customizable insurance policies that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each organization, ensuring apt coverage during disruptions.

The insurance covers a range of incidents including natural disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes, and intentional acts such as theft and vandalism, which result in physical damage and subsequent business interruption.

It helps businesses manage financial stability by covering lost profits and ongoing expenses like rent and salaries, ensuring that the business can sustain even when the regular income is disrupted.

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