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Erection All Risk Insurance

Erection All Risk Insurance protects your project against financial setbacks

Erection All Risk insurance offers a protective cover against unexpected and sudden physical losses or damages to any project involving electrical or mechanical erection. This includes damages to contractors’ machinery, plant equipment, temporary facilities, and even existing properties of the principal. Notably, it ensures safety even during the crucial phases of testing or commissioning.

But that’s not all. If you’re a contractor, this policy can also act as a safeguard against potential liabilities you might face towards third parties.

When embarking on a construction project, safeguarding your assets, manpower, and the project itself becomes paramount. The unforeseen is always lurking around the corner: sudden damages to machinery, theft, vandalism, or even liabilities to third parties. This is where the Erection All Risk insurance comes into play, offering a shield against these unpredictable setbacks.


With the unpredictable nature of construction, risks like damages to materials, equipment, and buildings are always on the horizon. Erection All Risk insurance offers a comprehensive cover ensuring that these risks don’t derail your project.

Coverage against External Threats

Beyond just construction-related damages, this insurance protects against external threats like theft and vandalism.

Financial Security

Construction delays can have serious financial implications. Erection All Risk insurance ensures you’re not bearing the brunt of these losses, providing financial protection against potential losses from such delays.

Erection All Risks Insurance Coverage

When embarking on a construction project, ensuring the safety and security of materials and works is paramount. Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance is tailored for this purpose. Let’s delve into what this comprehensive coverage entails:

Physical Loss or Damage

Protects against unexpected and sudden physical losses or damages to construction materials and projects.

Accidents during Construction

A mishap can occur at any time during construction. EAR Insurance offers coverage for unintentional damages that may happen during the building process.

Natural Calamities

Includes protection against events like fire, lightning, storms, floods, tempests, and water damage.

Unexpected Disasters

Covering scenarios such as collapse, collision, impact, burglary, theft, malicious damage, and even aircraft-related damages.

Breakdown or Explosion

Any part of the contract undergoing a sudden breakdown or explosion is covered.

Defective Components

Damages arising due to flaws in material casting, design, or workmanship are safeguarded.

Major Natural Disasters

The unforeseeable forces of nature, including riots, strikes, subsidence, landslides, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, are also taken into account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, besides covering damages to machinery and equipment, this policy also acts as a safety net for contractors against potential third-party liabilities.


Given the unforeseen challenges in construction like machinery damage, theft, or vandalism, Erection All Risk insurance offers a shield against these unpredictable setbacks, ensuring safety and security for both assets and the project itself.

Construction delays and damages can lead to hefty financial losses. Erection All Risk insurance provides financial protection against these potential losses, ensuring that projects do not bear the full financial burden of unexpected events.


Erection All Risk insurance provides coverage for unintentional damages that may occur during the construction process, ensuring that accidents don’t lead to overwhelming costs.

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