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Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance is a type of insurance which falls under the marine policies which covers physical loss or damage to cargo while they are taken from one place to another through any modes of transport mainly Sea, Air, Land and Rail transits. The cover starts once when the carrying conveyance departs from the origin and terminates once the cargo has reached safely in the port of destination.

This policy is helpful to the customers who does regular shipments across the globe which protects from the risk of loss or damage during transit.

Comprehensive cover

This is the most widest cover across all cargo policies and covers all risks of loss or damage to cargo during transit except standard exclusions notably known as loss due to delay in voyage.

Restrictive Cover

This covers almost all perils of loss to cargo in comparison with comprehensive option but excludes certain events such as theft, malicious damage etc

Total loss

This is lowest form of cover in marine cargo policies. It only covers loss or damage of the cargo due to total loss of the carrying vessel or aircraft.

What We Cover

Cargo Insurance only covers losses or damage to the cargo during the transit from origin until the destination. It basically covers all forms of cargoes notably furniture, machinery and spare parts, Automobiles, frozen and dry foodstuff items, project cargoes etc. The cargo which cannot be obtained support from the insurers are Jewellery, paintings, Cash, sculptures, livestock, bullions etc.

Our marine cargo insurance policies include

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marine Cargo Insurance safeguards your goods during transit, providing a shield against physical loss or damage when they are transported from one location to another via various means such as sea, air, land, and rail. It ensures your cargo is protected from the point of departure until it safely reaches its destination port.

Businesses and individuals who engage in regular global shipments can significantly benefit from Marine Cargo Insurance. It acts as a protective layer, mitigating the financial risks associated with loss or damage to cargo during its journey across different transit modes.

Marine Cargo Insurance offers various coverage options, each tailored to different needs:

  • Comprehensive Cover: Provides extensive protection against all risks, barring a few standard exclusions.
  • Restrictive Cover: Offers broad protection but excludes certain perils like theft and rainwater damage.
  • Basic Cover: Covers specific incidents like fire and explosion.
  • Total Loss: Only covers scenarios where the entire vessel or aircraft is lost.

Marine Cargo Insurance extends its coverage to a wide array of cargoes, including furniture, machinery, spare parts, automobiles, and various food items, among others. However, certain items like jewelry, cash, paintings, and livestock are typically not supported by insurers.

Our Marine Cargo Insurance encompasses various policies, such as:

  • Marine Single Shipment Policy
  • Marine Open Cover
  • Goods In Transit Policy
  • Hauliers Liability
  • Freight Forwarders Liability
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