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Marine Hull Insurance

Unveiling Marine Hull Insurance

Marine hull insurance is a type ofinsurance thatcovers physical damage to a ship orboat, as well as machineryand equipment on board. This type of insurance is typically purchased by ship owners, boat owners, and marine businesses to protect against a range of risks associated with owning and operating vessels.

Hull Insurance safeguards your vessel against numerous hazards, such as damage resulting from crashes, becoming stranded, weather events, and additional dangers. This policy can also protect against the loss of machinery and equipment, while also covering the expenses related to salvage and towing in case of mishaps. With a focus on clarity and simplicity, consider Hull Insurance as a safety net, ensuring your vessel and its essential components are protected against a wide array of unforeseen incidents.

The policy plays an important role in helping boat owners secure their vessels against machinery damage and destruction of hulls, fittings, liabilities, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage

A marine hull policy provides complete protection to the hull and machinery of your vessel from loss and damage due to a range of perils like fire, explosion, robbery, collision, and other ship-damaging risks.

Inland Vessels Covered

A Marine Hull Insurance policy can cover vessels that use inland waterways, against a wide range of risks such as collision or piracy, and against raising, removing, or destruction of works, etc.

What We Cover

Marine Hull insurance includes fixtures attached to the ship hull as a functional part, of the definition of the hull.

“Marine Hull Insurance, commonly referred to simply as Hull Insurance, primarily pertains to watercraft and is a key component of the broader Marine Insurance category. This policy is widely recognized and utilized due to its specific focus on providing coverage for vessels navigating through waters.”

It covers all types of vessels operating in the oceans, lakes, and rivers like bull carriers, tankers, fishing boats, ships, cruises, yachts, jetties, and wharves.

Our marine hull insurance policies include

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marine Hull Insurance is a specialized insurance type that offers coverage for physical damage to ships and boats, along with the machinery and equipment onboard. It acts as a financial safety net for ship owners and marine businesses, shielding them from various risks and unforeseen incidents that can occur while operating vessels.

Hull Insurance is essential for ship owners, boat owners, and marine businesses who seek to safeguard their vessels, machinery, and equipment from physical damage. It also serves to protect against liabilities and financial losses resulting from accidents, weather events, and other hazards.

A Marine Hull Insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for the hull and machinery of a vessel against various perils like fire, explosion, theft, and collision. It also extends to cover third-party liabilities, such as damages caused by your vessel to other ships or injuries to ship workers.

Yes, Marine Hull Insurance offers flexible plans that can be tailored to meet specific needs. You can opt for insurance that covers a particular journey or choose a plan that protects your vessel for a specified period, typically 12 months, regardless of the number of voyages undertaken.

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