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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice: Rights and Alternatives

No uncertainty, Medical professionalism is rated at high rank and possibility for error and omission could be scanty primarily due to :-

Regardless of the foregoing, you may wind up in Legal Liability for Death or Bodily Injury to your patients due to the following:

Now, transfer this risk of liability to us and practice your noble Profession with a healing touch and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage

Safeguard against various liabilities, including misdiagnosis, wrong treatment prescription, and surgical errors, ensuring your practice remains unblemished amidst unforeseen circumstances.

Legal Liability Shield

Gain robust protection against legal liabilities arising from unintended mishaps, such as bodily injuries or death resulting from medical practices.

The Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Malpractice Insurance is a type of insurance that protects healthcare practitioners and medical establishments from allegations of negligence or failure to provide proper care, which causes patient injury.

Doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists, as well as medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, are examples of healthcare professions.

Legal bills, settlements, and judgements resulting from malpractice claims, as well as the cost of fighting against such claims, are covered by Medical Malpractice Insurance.

Yes, Medical Malpractice Insurance is required for all UAE healthcare workers and medical establishments.

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