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Property All Risks Insurance

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Property All Risks (PAR) Insurance that covers a wide range of risks and perils, except those expressly excluded in the policy. This type of insurance is intended to provide comprehensive protection for physical assets and properties against a variety of unforeseen events. Here are some of the most important features and aspects of Property All Risks Insurance


PAR Insurance is known for its comprehensive coverage, which protects against a wide range of perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, flood, storm, burglary, vandalism, and accidental damage.

Coverage for a Multitude of Perils

Property All Risks Insurance stands out by offering a robust and wide-ranging cover that safeguards your assets against a plethora of perils. From common threats like fire, lightning, and natural disasters to other unexpected events.

Premiums and Expert Guidance

We understand that every property and client has unique needs and risks. Therefore, our premiums are meticulously calculated based on various factors, such as the type of occupancy, physical features, values at risk, and any additional cover requirements.

All Risk Policy Details

It’s an “All Risks” policy, meaning it shields against a multitude of major perils, such as:

Named Perils vs. All Risks:

Traditional property insurance, which may only specify named perils (specific risks), property all risk Insurance takes a "all risks" approach. This means that it covers all risks unless expressly stated otherwise in the policy.

Property Categories:

Property All Risks Insurance can cover a wide range of property types, including buildings, contents, equipment, machinery, and other tangible assets owned by a company or individual.

Property All Risks Insurance is especially useful for businesses and individuals with diverse and valuable assets, as it provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of potential risks and losses.
As with any insurance policy, it's critical to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to understand the coverage, exclusions, and any optional extensions or endorsements available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The premium for your Property All Risks Insurance with Omega Insurance Brokers is calculated based on several factors, including the type of occupancy, physical features of the property, values at risk, and any additional cover requirements. This tailored approach ensures that your premium accurately reflects your specific circumstances and needs.

Our Property All Risks Insurance covers a multitude of major perils, such as fire, lightning, explosion, natural disasters (e.g., storms, floods, earthquakes), malicious damage, theft involving forcible entry, external impacts (e.g., from vehicles, falling objects), riot, strike, and civil commotion, among other unexpected events.

Yes, our Property All Risks Insurance provides coverage for natural disasters, including but not limited to lightning, earthquakes, storms, and floods, safeguarding your property against the wrath of nature and providing you with peace of mind.

Property All Risks Insurance in Dubai safeguards against a wide array of unexpected events, such as external impacts, aircraft damage, riots, strikes, equipment malfunctions (e.g., bursting water tanks), and incidents involving malicious intent, ensuring your property is well-protected.

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