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Group Personal Accidents Insurance

Protect Your Team with Group Personal Accident Insurance

The Group Personal Accident insurance policy covers financial expenditures in the unfortunate event of an accident that results in injury or death. This policy supports your employee’s family’s wellness. Your employees, as one of your company’s most valuable assets, require insurance from a variety of terrible circumstances.

An accident may not occur on the premises of your workplace, and an injury may not be associated with work. That is why you require 24-hour protection for your personnel.

Unexpected and Accidental Death

Life is unpredictable, and anything may happen at any time. Our group personal accident insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones in the event of a sudden and accidental death.

PTD As a result of an accident

Accidents can occasionally have far-reaching implications. If you are permanently and totally disabled as a consequence of an accident, our coverage guarantees that you receive the financial aid you require to get through these tough times.

Expenses Incurred As a Result of An Accident

If you are away from home and an accident happens, our insurance will cover the costs of repatriating the mortal remains.

We understand how vital it is to be with loved ones during these trying times, and we’re here to assist with the financial burden of bringing a loved one home.

Medical Expenses Due to Accident

Hospital bills are usually covered by your health insurance, however with this policy you get an additional lump sum amount which you could use as repayment of, or to further support, any medical, surgical or hospital fees required as a result of an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Group Personal Accident insurance policy is designed to cover financial expenses in the unfortunate event of an accident that leads to injury or death, ensuring the well-being of your employee’s family.

This coverage is for situations where an accident causes a disability that is not total but is permanent. The insurance compensates based on the severity of the disability, ensuring support regardless of the depth of the injury.

If an insured individual has an accident away from home, this benefit covers the costs of bringing their mortal remains back home, alleviating the financial stress during such difficult times.

The policy provides a lump sum payment if an employee sustains accidental death or permanent disability.

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