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Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Protect Your Workforce and Your Business.

Coverage under Workmen’s compensation insurance is governed by UAE Federal Labor Law and subsequent amendments thereto and/or Shariah Law. In simple words, Workmen Compensation insurance protects the employees in the event of any bodily injury or death due to any occupational sickness or accidents arising during the course of employment.

Minimizing exposure to risk from work-related injuries to your employees and protecting the business. Group Life and Personal Accident insurance. It also relives you of legal liabilities arising out of occupational related accidental bodily injury or disease connected with employees.

On the other hand Employer’s Liability protects the employer. EL covers the liability of employer’s towards their employees i.e. it pays any additional compensation over and above the WC benefits upon a court judgment of negligence on the part of employer.

The policy can be further extended to cover:

24 Hours Personal Accident Cover

The primary/ basic Workmen Compensation insurance cover provides coverage only whilst the employee is “ON DUTY”. This extension covers the employees even when they are “OFF DUTY”, however, it is restricted to Death and Permanent Total Disablement.

Transportation Cover

This covers accidents happening during transportation to and from place of work.

Medical Expense Coverage

Workmen Compensation Insurance covers the medical expenses incurred due to work-related injuries or illnesses.

Disability Benefits

In the unfortunate event of temporary or permanent disability due to a work-related incident

Cost Management

With a predefined coverage, employers can better manage the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.

What We Cover:

The important point to be noted here is that Workmen Compensation insurance covers only work related accidents and during the working hours only.

Natural death or any kind of sickness will not be covered as it does not fall under the purview of workmen compensation insurance coverage.

The basic cover includes the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workmen Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance that provides medical and wage benefits to employees who get injured or fall ill due to work-related circumstances.

The requirement for Workmen Compensation Insurance varies by state and country, but generally, most employers are required to have it.

It provides legal protection, cost management, and fosters a positive work environment by ensuring the well-being of employees.

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