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How Do You Choose The Best Car Insurance?

At Omega Insurance Brokers we work with trusted car insurance companies to help you find the right cover. So make sure that you know all your options so that you can make an informed choice on your car insurance policy that meets your needs rather than just focusing on the cheapest insurance.  At Omega Insurance, as your dedicated car insurance brokers in Dubai, we explore the market for you to find the best car insurance that fits your budget.

In UAE there are two types of insurance policies that you can choose from:


Third party Motor Insurance:

This is the basic coverage for car insurance in Dubai and is the minimum level of coverage as required by law. It mainly protects you if an accident involving your car causes injuries to someone or damages their property. It doesn’t include coverage for damage to your own car.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy:

This cover gives you extensive protection for you and your car if you’re involved in an accident, and covers both damages and injuries to third party and yourself.

Below are the options normally available when buying motor insurance in Dubai, UAE

Dedicated Claims Team

As  your  car  insurance broker  we  work  to  get  your  claims  settled  in  a  prompt  and  timely  manner  without  any  hassles  to  you.

You Choose what Matters

Customize  your  motor  insurance  policy  to  meet  your  needs.  We  can  provide  custom  solutions  to  cover  all  your  needs.

Access to 50+ Insurance Companies

As  your  Car  insurance  broker  you  can  take  advantage  our  long  standing  experience  in  the  local  market  and  get  best  cover at  the  best  price.

Below Are Some Additional Covers And Benefits You Can Opt For

Loss of Personal Belongings

This cover extends to include loss of or damage to rugs, clothing and personal effects in your Insured Vehicle where such a loss or damage occurs due to fire, lightning or external explosion or theft by violent and forcible means or any external accident.

Ambulance Fees

This cover extends to include customary charges/ service fees incurred due to provision of ambulance services to injured person as a result of a road traffic accident where the Insured Person’s injuries requires evacuation needing urgent Medical attention and is escorted to a hospital/medical facility.

Off Road Coverage

The following coverage is only applicable if it is specified on your plan. The insurance plan is expanded to include coverage for loss or damage to the covered vehicle while being driven off-road.

Valet Parking Theft

This options provides cover for theft of the insured vehicle while it is in the custody or control of hotels or shopping malls which the insured does not own.

Windscreen Damage

This damage may be covered if the Insured Vehicle's window or windscreen is broken and the only damage to the Insured Vehicle is scratching of the bodywork as a result of the breakage

Natural Perils

This is an extension cover in respect of loss of or damage to the Insured Vehicle caused by: Flood (provided the Vehicle is not driven), storm, hurricane, volcanoes and earthquake.

Coverage for Accessories and Enhancement

This extension covers the reasonable cost of repairing, replacing, or re-installing Accessories & Enhancement, etc.

Geographical Expansion (Sultanate of Oman)

This option provides an extension to include the Sultanate of Oman in the geographical area of your policy.

Special Paints/Stickers/Graphics

This option provides insurance cover for the reimbursement of the cost of repairing, replacing, or rewriting special paintwork, stickers, logos, graphics, advertising, and the like, provided the sum insured has been provided separately at the time of insurance.

Key Replacement

If the insured losses their car keys and/or locking transmitter, the insurance company will reimburse the cost of replacing the Car Vehicle’s door locks, boot lock, steering lock, the lock transmitter and central locking system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The claim process at Omega Insurance Brokers is extremely straightforward.

Notify Omega Insurance Brokers immediately in the event of an incident by calling 800 66342 or by sending an email to

Submit the following documents for claim notification:

• Copy of the Police Report/Referral Note
• Copy of car registration
• Copy of driving license
• Copy of Emirates ID card”

In the UAE, car insurance policies last for 13 months. You can renew your policy every year to keep your coverage ongoing.

You get a 30-day grace period for renewing your car insurance in the UAE. This means you have an extra month, in addition to the 12-month policy, to renew without losing coverage. If you don’t renew within this time, your insurance expires.

Many comprehensive car insurance policies in the UAE cover rental or loaner cars. This is usually an extra benefit. It’s helpful when your main car is being repaired. Always check your policy or ask your insurer for details on this coverage.

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