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Home insurance, also known as home owners insurance or property insurance, is a financial protection policy that provides coverage for a variety of risks and damages to one’s home, personal belongings, and liability. It is designed to offer homeowners a sense of security and financial assistance in the event of unexpected events that could result in financial loss or damage to their property.

Home insurance is essential for protecting one of the most significant investments—your home. It provides financial security by assisting in repairs, replacements, or rebuilding costs after a covered event. Furthermore, it offers peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected against unforeseen circumstances and potential legal liabilities.

Building Cover

Against fire, accidental damage and breakage of fixed and sanitary fixtures and more.


Worldwide Personal Belongings Cover

For your valuables including: passport, driver’s license, legal documents, jewellery, watches, musical, sports and portable equipment, laptops.

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We offer comprehensive protection cover for the following –

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home insurance, sometimes referred to as homeowners or property insurance, is a policy designed to financially shield homeowners from various risks and damages related to their home, personal possessions, and potential liabilities. It is pivotal in safeguarding your home – a substantial investment, by aiding in repair, replacement, or rebuilding costs following a covered incident, and providing financial security and peace of mind against unforeseen events and possible legal liabilities.

Building cover in home insurance provides financial protection against damages resulting from incidents like fire, accidental damage, and the breakage of fixed and sanitary fixtures, among others. It assists in managing the financial implications of repairing or rebuilding parts of the home structure affected by such events.

Contents cover pertains to the protection against loss or damage to the items within your home. This includes coverage against events like fire, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, and the falling of installed objects. It also extends to cover loss or damage to your belongings while they are being transported.

In the event of accidental damage to the building or content, the policy assists by covering the costs related to repairs or replacements, ensuring that you do not bear the financial burden of the unexpected mishap.

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