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Home Insurance in Dubai

Protect Your Dream Home with Comprehensive Home Insurance in Dubai

Navigating the complexities of home insurance can be daunting. Our experienced home insurance brokers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are here to assist you every step of the way. With our expertise, you can make informed decisions and select the most suitable home insurance policy that aligns with your needs and budget.

Safeguard your home and protect your cherished belongings with our comprehensive home insurance plans in Dubai, UAE. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, our personalized home insurance policies offer security and reliable protection against unforeseen events.

Where homes face unique risks from extreme weather conditions, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances, having the right home owners insurance plans is essential for assurance.

Protect What Matters Most, Your Home

Our home insurance plans cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families residing in Dubai and across the UAE. From building insurance coverage to complete home protection insurance in Dubai, we are committed to provide you the right solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Building Cover

Against fire, accidental damage and breakage of fixed and sanitary fixtures and more.


Worldwide Personal Belongings Cover

For your valuables including: passport, driver’s license, legal documents, jewellery, watches, musical, sports and portable equipment, laptops.

Benefits and Coverage

Asset Protection: Your home is likely one of your most valuable assets. Insurance ensures you’re protected against potential losses, giving you financial security and stability.

Natural Disasters: From floods to earthquakes, insurance can cover damages from unforeseen natural events, providing you with assistance in rebuilding and repairing your home after a disaster strikes.

Liability Coverage: Accidents can happen. In the event of someone getting injured on your property, our insurance covers legal and medical expenses, relieving you of any financial burdens.

Theft and Vandalism: Our insurance policies can help replace stolen items and repair damages caused by vandalism, offering you reassurance against potential losses.

Coverage for Personal Belongings: From electronics to jewelry, our insurance provides coverage for the replacement of valuable items, offering you financial protection against unforeseen losses.

Home Repairs: Maintenance issues can arise unexpectedly. Our insurance can assist with repair costs for issues such as roof damage or plumbing malfunctions, helping you maintain your home without financial strain.

Cover for Art and Collectibles

Worldwide Cover: Our insurance extends coverage globally, including during transit, ensuring your valuable possessions are protected wherever you go.

Cover for New Purchases: We understand the value of your collections. Our insurance covers newly acquired items, ensuring your collection remains adequately protected as it grows.

Expertise and Support: Our team offers expertise to help you care for, repair, and value your collection, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

Building Coverage

Guaranteed Rebuild: Rest easy with our guaranteed rebuild feature, ensuring your home can be restored to its former glory in the event of a covered loss.

Complimentary Appraisal Service: Maintain the correct level of sum insured with our complimentary appraisal service, ensuring your coverage remains adequate over time.

Coverage for All Home Types: Whether you live in a house or an apartment, our insurance provides comprehensive coverage for all types of homes, ensuring you’re protected regardless of your dwelling.

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In the UAE, homeowners can rely on reputable homeowners insurance brokers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to navigate the diverse landscape of home insurance policies. Whether it’s home and contents insurance, building and contents insurance, or specific home protection insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

From obtaining competitive home insurance quotes to identifying reliable home insurance providers, we play a pivotal role in ensuring that homeowner insurance in Dubai, UAE, and householder’s insurance in Dubai, UAE, deliver the necessary coverage and security. 

Additionally, understanding the nuances of building insurance coverage ensures that homeowners have access to comprehensive home insurance policies that offer robust protection for their valuable investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home insurance, sometimes referred to as homeowners or property insurance, is a policy designed to financially shield homeowners from various risks and damages related to their home, personal possessions, and potential liabilities. It is pivotal in safeguarding your home – a substantial investment, by aiding in repair, replacement, or rebuilding costs following a covered incident, and providing financial security and peace of mind against unforeseen events and possible legal liabilities.

Building cover in home insurance provides financial protection against damages resulting from incidents like fire, accidental damage, and the breakage of fixed and sanitary fixtures, among others. It assists in managing the financial implications of repairing or rebuilding parts of the home structure affected by such events.

Contents cover pertains to the protection against loss or damage to the items within your home. This includes coverage against events like fire, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, and the falling of installed objects. It also extends to cover loss or damage to your belongings while they are being transported.

In the event of accidental damage to the building or content, the policy assists by covering the costs related to repairs or replacements, ensuring that you do not bear the financial burden of the unexpected mishap.

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