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What Are Reinstatement Costs and Market Values in Property?

Reinstatement Cost and Market Value - omega insurance brokers

What is Reinstatement Cost?

Reinstatement cost refers to the amount of money required to rebuild or repair a property to its original condition following damage or destruction. This value is typically based on the cost of materials, labor, and other expenses associated with reconstruction, without factoring in the land value.

It is commonly used in property insurance to determine the appropriate coverage amount needed to fully restore the property in the event of a loss.


In the event of a loss, replacement cost coverage will help the owner return to their usual trade with minimal financial interruption. For the best protection, we recommend that you insure your property for at least 85 percent of its estimated replacement cost.


Replacement costs can change over time, so you should review your policy annually to make sure its coverage meets your needs. Inform your insurer if you have upgraded or improved the property, because these alterations may increase your property’s estimated replacement cost.

Also, you’ll want to stay informed about changing market conditions in your area. Rising labor, materials, and transportation costs can directly affect your property’s estimated replacement cost. Property All Risks Insurance can help mitigate these financial impacts.

What is market value?

Market value is the price that a property would fetch in the current open market, assuming a willing buyer and seller, and considering all relevant factors such as location, condition, and demand.

It reflects the perceived worth of the property in its current state and includes the value of the land as well as the improvements (buildings, structures, etc.). Market value can fluctuate over time based on changes in market conditions, economic factors, and other external influences.

While market value provides an indication of what a property could sell for, it may not necessarily represent the cost of rebuilding or repairing the property in the event of damage or loss. Property All Risk Insurance in Dubai, UAE, ensures comprehensive coverage for such situations.


When you insure a typical property for its market value, you are at risk of having incomplete coverage. For example, imagine that the owner purchase a property for AED2,900,000 and takes out a property policy for the same amount.

The replacement cost for the property, though, is AED 4,207,000. If a fire or other insured event destroys the property, the insurance settlement would be AED 1,307,000 less than the actual replacement cost of the property. The owner would have to bear the difference themselves or build a new, less expensive property.


Reinstatement cost focuses on the expenses required to restore a property to its original state after damage, while market value represents the property’s perceived worth in the current market. Property All Risk Insurance brokers in Dubai, UAE, can help you navigate these different valuations and ensure appropriate coverage.

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